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Linklist Environment topics in English
Linklist Environment topics in English

Al Gore, 10 year Challenge www.wecansolveit.org/  
Earth-Charter http://www.earthcharter.org/  
Join free Lolita Orca Whale
Join free Lolita
The Earth Organization www.earthorganization.org  
is a grass roots international non-profit, conservation and environment organization, with new solutions, committed to the creative responsible rehabilitation of Planet Earth and the plant and animal kingdoms.

Kelly Presotn, Actor and supporter of The Earth Organisation The environmental issues that face Earth today are no longer the question of our times, they are the issue of our future.

The Earth Organization is the first international environmental movement that truly understands the relationship between man, the environment and plant and animal kingdom. It is totally true that none survive alone and when one really realizes the fact that our very own survival depends upon the well being of ALL life on this planet, we start to understand that we are the ones responsible for the state that we find Earth in today.

I have joined the Earth Organization because I believe that they operate ethically and take on well researched projects which they always carry right through to the end. They are making a vital difference on Planet Earth and we can all lend a hand in reversing this decline.We can and must create a change. Please do your part and join us in this exciting evolution.

Kelly Preston, Actor

We know too that the Earths life giving environment is under direct threat. Global warming is a reality, weather and climate patterns are changing all over the world, and our best and brightest scientists are saying that the Polar ice caps may be melting. The very air we breathe is being altered by the billions of tons of hydro carbons we wantonly pump into the atmosphere as if it was a gigantic refuse dump. Countless rivers and streams and can no longer support life as they should and priceless wetlands are a muddy inconvenience. Coral reefs are dying all over the oceans and life giving mangrove swamps are disappearing.  
UN-Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) http://www.un.org/esa/sustdev/  
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution http://www.whoi.edu/  
The Explorers Club http://www.explorers.org/  
MASS EXTINCTION UNDERWAY, The World Wide Web's Most Comprehensive Source of Information on the Current Mass Extinction http://www.well.com
Thula Thula Exclusive Private Game Reserve http://www.thulathula.com/  

Lawrence Anthony received the prestigious Earth Day Award at the United Nations in March 2004 for his rescue of the animals at the Baghdad zoo. In September 2004, he was invited to become the first South African Member of the esteemed "Explorers Club" of New York. Lawrence Anthony is the founder of the international "Earth organisation" dedicated to environmental issues.

The Zulu name Thula Thula literally means peace and tranquility... Thula Thula, with its centuries of cultural and wildlife heritage, takes pride in tracing back it's origin to the private hunting grounds of King Shaka, founder of the Zulu Empire. The first historic meeting between Shaka and his father (Senzangakhona), which set the stage for the creation of the Zulu Nation, took place at the Nseleni River at Thula Thula.

Exclusive Private Game Reserve and Safari Lodge, Zululand, South Africa


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